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Thinking about getting involved with our campaign? This page talks about some of the many great reasons to volunteer with a political campaign as well as some of the infinite ways you can help. This is an exciting opportunity to get involved in national politics and be part of a grassroots movement to change the face of our democracy. We can’t do it without your help! There’s no better time to get started.


Why Volunteer?

Volunteering for a political campaign is a very rewarding experience. You get to work first-hand with politicians and see behind-the-scenes of how Canada’s next policymakers are born. By volunteering to support a candidate, you’re telling the country that their platform issues are important to you and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to help them.

Supporting a candidate is a great way to gain valuable experience and looks great on resumes, college and university applications, and reference letters for future work. If you’re in high school, volunteering for a political campaign is a great way to earn your mandatory 40 hours of community service for your Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

Other reasons people choose to volunteer are to have fun and make new friends. We give strong, personalized reference letters for everyone who volunteers and if the campaign is successful, there may even be possible future job opportunities working with us at our Constituency Office in Durham Region or at the House of Commons in Ottawa.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Below are just some of the many ways you can get involved with our campaign. From door knocking to scheduling press events, from making phone calls to recruiting volunteers, we have something for everybody! Can’t spare any time but still want to support the campaign? That’s okay, too! We have activities that supporters can complete any time from wherever they are, such as writing letters or posting to social media. If you’re interested in signing up, scroll down to the Registration form to let us know you want to help!



Canvassers go out into the public and engage with the community to spread the message of the campaign and build support among voters. They also report back feedback they’ve received during interactions with people, such as if certain messaging strategies are working or not, or reasons for why people have said if they will or will not support the candidate. Canvassers typically work outdoors going door-to-door in residential neighbourhoods, but they also spend time at busy public places, including in front of a busy coffee shop or outside of a sports event.


The marketing team maintains the campaign’s email and social media platforms. They engage with followers, promote the candidate, share photos and promotional material, and work actively to build a strong online presence with a large follower base. Aside from social media, the marketing team also sends out email newsletters to donors and subscribers, providing a more personalized experience with stories, photos, and important milestones.


The events team is responsible for creating and organizing campaign events, which can include fundraisers, town hall meetings, press conferences, and much more. They seek out opportunities for the candidate to make speeches and connect directly with the voters. The events team doesn’t just do large-scale publicity events; they also organize many smaller-scale events, which may take place in a house or backyard, such as a volunteer recruitment session or a tenants’ meeting in an apartment building. The events team will frequently work with other teams on the campaign, such as the marketing team to promote its events, or the communications team to prepare a statement for a press conference.


The communications team helps portray the campaign’s message in a clear, effective manner. They help with editing speeches, drafting press releases, submitting newspaper op-eds, and more. The communications team frequently works with other teams in the campaign, such as the events team to schedule press conferences and other public speaking opportunities.

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Installers work in small teams of two to four people to handle setting up and taking down lawn signs and other promotional material. When supporters request a lawn sign for their home, installers will deliver and set-up the sign for them. They will also set up signs in high visibility public areas, such as along roadways or at fundraising events. Installers will also remove and collect all lawn signs at the end of the election (unless a supporter has requested to keep it).

And much more…

There are ways for anybody to get involved! Whether you want to go outside or stay indoors, work with your hands or use a computer, talk to voters or stay behind the scenes, we need people like you to do it all! The Registration form below offers some of the most common activities, but if you have another idea of how you’d like to help, let us know in the text box that says “Is there anything else you’d like us to know?” From there, you can give your own suggestions for ways you think you can help or tell us about some of your special skills and we’ll find a way to put them to use.

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