Platform // Overview

Our Platform

Please check back in soon for our updated official 2019 platform

This platform is the foundation for a movement that will bring sweeping changes to how we operate our country at home and abroad. Through free tuition and student debt relief, we can empower young Canadians to become better educated and more financially prepared for the rest of their lives. Through free dental coverage for low-income youth, affordable childcare, and our National Housing Strategy, we can relieve stress and financial burdens from millions of Canadian families. And through free prescription drug coverage and our National Seniors Strategy, we can improve the quality of life for our nation’s seniors.



Every developed country in the world with a universal health care system provides prescription drug coverage, except Canada. Truly universal health care means guaranteeing that all Canadians have access to the medication they need, and the Green Party will fight to expand public health care to cover prescription medication. dental coverage for low-income Canadians under the age of eighteen.

  • Expand universal healthcare to cover prescription medications for all Canadians

  • Roll out free dental coverage for low-income youth (under 18)

  • Reduce healthcare wait times in hospitals and walk-in clinics


It’s time to break the status quo on education in Canada and abolish tuition fees for college, university and skills training programs. It is widely recognized that Canada’s success depends on an educated population, yet we burden youth with tens of thousands of dollars in student debt. Investment in Canadian skills, training, and education is a proven means to create real jobs, and is the backbone of Canada’s future as a sustainability superpower.

  • Abolish tuition fees for university, college, and skills training programs

  • Eliminate existing or future student federal debt above $10,000

  • Establish the National Community and Environment Service Corps and pledge $1 billion per year to municipalities to hire Canadian youth

Family & Housing

Despite the growing number of two-income households, Canadian families are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet. Green Party programs and policies will reduce income inequality, and ensure all Canadians have the opportunity to prosper. Providing our most at-risk citizens with the resources they need to make ends meet greatly reduces the burden on our emergency and social services, our health care and criminal justice systems – saving Canadian society money and empowering all citizens to overcome periods of hardship.

  • Raise federal minimum wage to $15 per hour

  • Phase-in a national Guaranteed Livable Income

  • Implement a National Housing Strategy

  • Ensure all Canadians have access to affordable, accessible childcare

Energy & Environment

Climate and energy are two sides of the same coin. We urgently need a comprehensive, science-based national climate strategy to address rising sea levels, drought, extreme weather events, changing rainfall patterns, increased forest fires, melting permafrost and crumbling Arctic infrastructure. We need to invest in an infrastructure that promotes renewable energy, and a more robust east-west electricity grid to promote renewable energy transmission between provinces, while reducing the enormous waste in our energy systems.

  • Implement a national Climate and Energy Strategy

  • Recognize climate change as a global crisis and a threat to our national security

  • Rapidly phase out coal-fired generation plants within Canada

  • Implement a Carbon Fee and Dividend Plan, in which carbon is taxed from corporations and the profits are distributed back to Canadians

Science & Technology

We will fight to ensure Canada remains a world leader in discovery science by enacting Public Access to Science legislation to ensure our scientists are unmuzzled and free to discuss their findings with the media and the Canadian public without censorship or political interference. Our open science legislation would also ensure that all government-funded scientific research is publicly accessible by law.

  • Enact legislation to protects our scientists from censorship or political interference

  • Provide $75 million annually to add critical science capacity to Environment Canada, Health Canada, Parks Canada, and Fisheries and Oceans

Foreign Policy

From climate change to terrorism, we will work together with our allies to counter threats and ensure a safer world. We will strengthen our international influence by investing in our diplomatic skills and talent, and shift our focus and funding towards United Nations peacekeeping, poverty alleviation and disaster relief efforts. We will commit to ending poverty globally by contributing 0.7% of GDP to official development assistance. We will also overhaul our immigration and refugee protection system to ensure that Canada is seen as a welcoming and compassionate home for people fleeing violence and persecution.

  • Strengthen our international influence by shifting focus and funding towards United Nations peacekeeping, poverty alleviation, and disaster relief efforts

  • Overhaul immigration and refugee protection system

  • Commit to ending poverty globally by contributing 0.7% of GDP to official development assistance

Democratic Reform

First-past-the-post is the only voting system that allows a minority of the votes to elect a majority government with 100 percent of the power. It makes voters feel as if their vote just doesn’t count. It is time to replace it. Our promise is to replace the first-past-the-post system with a form of proportional representation within the first year of the next Parliament.

  • Establish Council of Canadian Governments to address shared challenges and ensure more effective communication between all levels of government

  • Replace first-past-the-post electoral system with proportional representation

  • Reverse numerous changes to our laws that have created two tiers of citizenship


Green MPs will re-invest in our national rail systems, building more train cars in Canada, increasing train speeds, phasing in high-speed rail where feasible, and creating green transportation and energy infrastructure corridors in key regions. An improved rail system will make Canada more economically competitive, create thousands of new jobs, reduce traffic congestion, and provide a fast, inexpensive and safe mode of transport in key commuter corridors. We will develop a national transportation strategy – investing in local public transit and expanding VIA Rail to provide more modern, efficient, and frequent passenger rail service.

  • Establish the Canadian Sustainable Generations Fund to invest in Canadian jobs, education, infrastructure, small businesses, and communities

  • Invest heavily in local public transit systems and expand VIA rail

  • Completely gut and redesign the tax system to make it fair and easy to understand for everyone

  • Create a national sustainable jobs plan