Evan Price looking to make Durham voters believe in the Green Party

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DURHAM – Evan Price is hoping voters in the Durham riding will consider the Green Party of Canada “a real contender” in the 2019 federal election in October.

Mr. Price was named the Green Party’s Durham riding candidate in late January.

“Evan Price supports policies and legislation that increase freedoms and protections for children, women, immigrants, and minority groups. He is especially passionate about election reform and the Green Party’s call for proportional representation to ensure Canadians are accurately being represented in government, as well as developing more opportunities for youth engagement,” read a press release from the Green Party.

Mr. Price explained he plans to be active all across the riding leading up to election day.

“It’s a great opportunity,” he said. “I plan to have a really large campaign. I think this is the year people will really start considering the Green Party as a real contender. People are looking for change, someone who will step up and take charge of this democracy.”

Mr. Price said, while the Green Party has not had a lot of success in Durham in the past, he feels that as a 24 year-old candidate, he can inspire the younger voter demographic.

“I have an opportunity to connect with these people, show them how their vote matters,” he said, adding one of the benefits of being a younger candidate is he looks “far ahead into the future to see” the possible long term affects of the decisions he makes.

Mr. Price said his main objective in this campaign is to “gain respect and earn the trust of the voters.” He said he decided to start the campaign early, in order to “listen to people’s concerns” and then be able to “implement changes to [his] campaign.”

Mr. Price said he will be active in talking to and engaging the Scugog and Brock Township communities.

“They will no longer be overlooked and forgotten.”

He also stated his intention to be accessible to North Durham voters in the riding he is running in, and committed to having a constituency office in Scugog, if he is elected the MP for the area.

Mr. Price was critical of current MP Erin O’Toole’s response to General Motors’ plan to close the Oshawa plant.

“If I had the means and was elected as MP, I would do a lot more to make sure these employees were taken care of,” he opined.

As well, on the issue, in a press release, he stated “protecting the members of my community is of the utmost importance and I will do everything in my power to support them.”

Mr. Price asked voters to consider electing him as MP.

“As a lifelong resident of Durham Region, I’m proud to call this community my home,” he said. “What can somebody young like me bring to the table? A full understanding of the issues and emotional motivation to fix these issues.”

For more information on Mr. Price, go online to evanprice.ca.

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