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We can do this, together.


My name is Evan Price. I’m a young, hard working husband and father that cares about my community and my neighbours.

As a lifelong resident of Durham, I understand the unique challenges that we face here at home and I’m committed to fighting on our behalf to have our needs taken seriously in the House of Commons.

For over 150 years, the power of the federal government has shifted back and forth between the Liberals and the Conservatives. And every time a new government is elected, they repeat the same old cycle of doing little more than simply reversing everything that the previous administration carried out.

This toxic cycle means Canada is very far behind compared to the rest of the developed world - that’s because we can’t get anything done!

It’s time for real, grassroots change.

I’m leading a campaign that will pave the way for real change in our country. We can end the toxic cycle by modernizing our democracy to accurately reflect the views of Canadians, so your voice will finally have an effective platform in our nation’s federal government and it’s my job to take it there. But I can’t do it alone.

I need your help.

With your help, we can change the way we do politics. By donating to our campaign, you’ll help us buy ads, print literature, and host events that will help us communicate with voters. Another way you can help is by volunteering some time to knock on doors, make phone calls, drop off flyers, and much more.

Thank you in advance for your support.

We can do this, together. Let’s make history in Durham.

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Evan Price
Candidate for Member of Parliament
Green Party of Canada

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