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We can do this, together.


My name is Evan Price. I’m a young, hard-working husband and father that cares about my community and my neighbours. As a lifelong resident of Durham, I understand the unique challenges that we face here at home and I’m committed to fighting on our behalf to have our needs taken seriously in the House of Commons. I’m running for Member of Parliament because I want to create a better community for my neighbours and take responsibility for climate change so that my daughter's generation isn't left to fend for themselves.

It’s time for real change.

I’m leading a campaign that will pave the way for real change here in Durham and all across Canada. With important new policies, such as pharmacare and free tuition, we can make life easier and simpler for already hard-working Canadians. Did you know that of all the countries in the world that have a universal healthcare system in place, Canada is one of the very few that do not include prescription drug coverage? And the effects are hurting Canadians. According to a recent report, 23% of children living in Oshawa are living below the poverty line. We're not talking about a third-world country or an impoverished region, this is in Oshawa! Right here at home.

We can fix this. We can make life better for our community and our neighbours. So that no parent ever again has to make the difficult decision between paying for groceries or prescriptions. So that our children do not have to grow up in poverty right in the middle of a first-world country. So that our students aren't burdened with financial debt just for trying to earn an education.

But I can’t do it alone. I need your help.

With your help, we can change the face of our democracy. We can bring urgently-needed new perspectives to Parliament and make decisions that are truly in the best interest of our neighbours. If you elect me to represent you in the House of Commons, I promise to actively work directly with you and the rest of our community to address your concerns and achieve results. Unlike our current MP Erin O’Toole, I promise that you won’t only hear from me when it’s time for re-election.

There are many ways that you can help! Most importantly, get out to vote on election day! If you want to see real change happen in your community, you have to speak out by voting; taking a few minutes on election day is worth it for the incredible things we can accomplish together with your vote.

Donating to our campaign is incredibly helpful because it allows us to increase our presence throughout Durham by hosting events, publishing advertisements, and sending out materials. Volunteers are critical to making this campaign work by connecting directly with voters to get our message out. If you can spare some time to knock on doors, make some phone calls, or hand out flyers, please connect with us! Every little bit helps and your support will make all the difference.

Thank you for your support. I look forward to working hard on behalf of our community and cannot wait to see what we can accomplish with your help.

We can do this... Let’s make history in Durham. Together.

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Evan Price
Candidate for Member of Parliament
Green Party of Canada


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